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Palm Pre - Functions

Palm Pre - Functions

Regarding the Pre iTunes sync, Palm’s Jon Rubinstein said that the device will merely be “pulling” DRM-free iTunes content out of iTunes – thereby implying that the CDs and iTunes Plus content will be ripped by the users themselves.

How Apple would react to the Pre’s apparent infringement of its monopoly is anybody’s guess! Apple might go in for breach of patent suit; or decide to play dirty, with the modus operandi of stopping the Pre in its tracks; or perhaps simply ignore it with magnanimity; or else come up with an iTunes update at the earliest!

Meanwhile, referring to Pre’s Twitter affiliation, Rubinstein said that Twitter can be considered a rightful part of the universal search feature. And, about the GSM-friendly version of the Pre for Europe, Rubinstein reiterated that it would be made available “in a few months.”


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