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A lot can happen in five months. Announced to dropped jaws at CES back in January, the Palm Pre has captured attention in a way usually only Cupertino can. Tightly patrolled demos at intervening tradeshows have only added to the allure; now, on June 6th, it’s Palm and Sprint’s chance to see whether hype adds up to sales.

Let us know what you think? Is it an iphone killer?

palm-pre grid

palm-pre grid

An early Palm Pre review today suggests Palm has mostly achieved its goal with its device but that hardware may be the limitation. Using a phone that may have pre-production firmware, BGR says webOS is a “great” first start and particularly praises the web browser, which is particularly quick and stable. The examination also compliments the quality of the multi-touch screen and notes that it’s.

The Palm Pre finally has a confirmed US launch date and price tag attached to it. Apple iPhone killer or complete flop – we’ll finally see what the hype is all about.

New Palm Pre

New Palm Pre

Keeping their promise of a “first half of 2009” launch date, Sprint and Palm announced that the long-awaited Pre will arrive in shops on June 6 for $200 (about £130) with a two-year contract. The phone will be sold in the US at Sprint, Best Buy, Radio Shack and some Wal-Mart outlets.

It’s been a long and slightly frustrating journey, however. At CES, hands-on time was heavily restricted with the Pre, which was baffling. Sure, the Pre’s ergonomic hardware looks sexy and its webOS software seems mighty efficient, but how can we judge without actually touching the thing? Then there were the numerous “leaked” launch date rumours and Sprint and Palm’s refusal to comment on any of them – these leaks are beginning to feel de-rigeur for any high-profile product launch.

Sprint and Palm’s overprotectiveness, combined with their tight-lipped stance on pricing and availability has raised some suspicions – including my own – about whether the CES announcement was a bit, well premature (pun intended). It isn’t a question of whether the world is ready for the Pre, but vice versa. Do Palm and Sprint know what they’re doing?

The decision to launch the Pre just two days before Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is risky, but understandable. Clearly, it will distract from the chatter about Apple’s third-generation iPhone software and hardware. Much is known about the iPhone OS 3.0 software by now, but nothing concrete is known about the hardware. Apple may announce the third-generation iPhone hardware at WWDC.

The pro here is that the Pre launch could overshadow whatever Apple has up its sleeve. But it could also delay launch day sales, as consumers may hold off on buying a Pre until Apple’s announcement. One has to wonder, too, whether Palm and Sprint felt rushed to make this date. It would be a huge letdown if the Pre’s debut was marred by firmware bugs like the initial release of the RIM BlackBerry Storm.

I have high hopes, though, as both a journalist and a consumer. The iPhone and BlackBerry-centric smartphone world desperately needs to be shaken up. Google Android isn’t quite there yet, but I think the Pre (and the subsequent webOS devices) has what it takes. And despite my limited hands-on time, I can’t forget the silky operation of webOS. From the deck of cards model for managing multitasking to the Synergy email and IM interfaces, webOS might be one of the best-designed, user-friendly smartphone platforms out there. June 6 can’t come fast enough.