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On the eve of its annual JavaOne conference, Sun has announced a pair of updates for two of its other products.

The company said that it would be launching a new consulting and planning service for cloud computing migration to help enterprises adopt new cloud systems.

Additionally, the company unveiled the newest version of its OpenSolaris operating system.

The new cloud programme, known as the Sun Cloud Strategic Planning Service, will utilize Sun’s consultancy and cloud computing systems to provide companies with custom plans for migrating to cloud systems.

Sun hopes that the programme will allow for faster and more efficient adoption of cloud services amongst enterprises of all sizes.

“Cloud Computing has been billed by the industry as the answer to today’s IT woes, without much clarity on how to get there,” said Sun vice president of services marketing Amy O’Connor.

“We are applying our industry specific consulting and technology expertise to offer secure, practical guidance to companies looking to drive new levels of efficiency by leveraging this emerging computing model.”

Meanwhile, the company said that it would be releasing the newest version of its OpenSolaris operating system.

The open-source implementation of Solaris has been updated with improved support for iSCSI and Fiberchannel connections as well as Microsoft’s CIFS and Sun ZFS file systems.

Other improvements included improved virtualisation tools and the addition of the ‘Project Crossbow’ networking component.

“This preview of the next generation of Solaris demonstrates Sun has the leading platform designed for the latest hardware technologies that power scalable and secure multi-threaded applications in a virtualized and networked world,” said John Fowler, Sun’s executive vice president of systems.


Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:JAVA) today announced a major new update to its OpenSolaris operating system. Technically called OpenSolaris 2009.06, the new release includes enhanced networking, virtualization and storage capabilities for the open source operating system.

The new release is not considered by Sun to be a replacement for its flagship Solaris 10 operating system, though Sun is now extending commercial support for OpenSolaris 2009.06 for up to five years. The 2009.06 release comes at a critical time for Sun and is likely the last OpenSolaris release before Sun isacquired by Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) later this year.

“This is really a transparent development step toward the next generation of the Solaris platform,” Dan Roberts, director of product management datacenter software marketing at Sun, told “Initially, OpenSolaris had a developer-and desktop-centric flavor, but in this release we’ve moved from just desktop and developer to a datacenter-capable mission-critical operating system.”

OpenSolaris first debuted in 2005 as Sun’s effort to build the next generation of Solaris in the open. It is updated frequently, with the last major release,2008.11, out last November. With OpenSolaris 2009.06, Sun is adding something that it calls “Project Crossbow,” which is a major rewrite of the Solaris networking stack to support greater speeds. Project Crossbow also…. Read more